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Civil Engineering & Land Surveys

Civil Engineering & Land Surveys

Ensuring all buildings and structures are built accurately in the right position and shape, our team will guarantee to carefully transfer all information shown on an engineering or architect's drawing.

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Inshore Hydrographic Surveys

Inshore Hydrographic Surveys

We are extremely qualified to provide detailed surveys of coastal, river and canal waterways for construction, flood capacity or monitoring.

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Get in Touch

Whether you need land, civil engineering or inshore hydrographic services throughout the Newcastle-under-Lyme, get in touch with us today.

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Land Surveying with total station
Land Surveying with total station

Deformation & Boundary Surveys

Here at HD Surveying, we carry out complete deformation and boundary surveys. Covering Cheshire and the surrounding areas, our experts work with a range of clients.

Measured Building Surveys

At HD Surveying, we carry out measured building surveys in Cheshire and across the UK. We work closely with clients to conduct surveys bespoke to your project.
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